To date, Inhumane is my only co-authored project. I don’t intend to co-author many more books, but it was a fun experience and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!



The world is losing its humanity.

When Addie returns to her small town in Louisiana, everything has changed for the worse—the people she once knew have fallen into a sinister madness that has left no explanation.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the only person in the town who seems to have any sanity intact is her once best friend and former love interest, Samir. Despite their mutual animosity, Addie and Samir are forced to team up to protect themselves from the Inhumane as they try to unravel what happened.

Their search brings them to a young woman who cannot speak and writes in indecipherable runes. She has something important to say, but Addie and Samir are running out of time to figure it out. They are starting to hear voices—the kind that wants them to do bad things.

And they’re sounding better and better.

Addie will have to dig deep, both in the town and in herself, to find the source of the madness before she, too, becomes inhumane.