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Rainy Kaye

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send You My Book to Review?

Thank you so much for offering! However, my TBR and my physical bookshelves are overflowing. Please send the book to someone who will have a chance to read it in this lifetime. There are so many readers eager for books!

Can I Get the Exclusive Content on Patreon Anywhere Else?

Most of the behind the scenes and exclusive content will stay on Patreon to be fair to the patrons. However, there are many things such as finished works, book cover reveals, and excerpts that eventually become available to everyone. If you really want to read what’s on Patreon, you can sign up for the lowest tier ($3/month), read everything you want before the recurring payment, and then cancel the next month.

Why are Some of Your Books NOT in Kindle Unlimited?

Great question! Kindle Unlimited requires indie authors to be exclusive to Amazon. Therefore, in order to offer my eBook elsewhere, such as on my newsletter, it can’t be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I am careful that if one book in a series is in KU, they all are. The exception to this would be side stories or prequels not necessary to complete the series arc.

Can I Get Free Copies of Your Books for Review?

Yes! You can join my ARC Team Newsletter here. When I have ARCs available, this newsletter gets notified first. No other emails are sent to this list.