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Grace Miller, the only true witch of Thorn Tree, West Virginia, is on a mission. On the next full moon, she is going to unleash the biggest and deadliest spell the world has ever seen.

All the awful people of Thorn Tree won’t know what hit them.

To do this, she needs to acquire a few particular elements to her spell. Elements that the locals would frown upon, like the ashes of the church and the bones of Miss Gladys.

Then, Mac, an officer from the next precinct over, arrives in town. Mac is so delicious and sexy, someone should feed him to an alligator.

Grace has work to do, after all.

But Mac is smitten with Grace and believes she can help him on his quest to find a missing person.

A missing person who happens to be locked in Grace’s basement.

Ready for something dark, steamy, and not entirely wholesome? Undone is just for you!

Undone is not yet published, but it’s on its way! My newsletter will be notified as soon as the book is available!